Your Book Writing Adventure Course


You’ve been waiting a lifetime to write your book. You’ve had a calling to share and have stories to tell… stories that have the power to inform, inspire, and transform your readers. You’ve been waiting for the right time and the right pieces to fall in place.

Maybe you have a title, or have imagined your cover. You’ve envisioned when you open the first copy and how that will feel. You can smell the pages of your freshly printed book.

You also know that when your book is finally written and in the hands of your readers, your life will never be the same. From your own healing and wisdom gained from writing your story, to higher paying clients because you are a published author, to more speaking engagements… your book will open doors you never thought possible.
You can’t wait to get started on your new adventure…
But when you finally can’t ignore your desire to share your message, overwhelm sets in, fears get in the way, and you can never find the time because…

  • you don’t know how to get started
  • you are confused about the structure
  • you aren’t sure what your message really is
  • you are afraid you’ll spend your time and energy on something no one will want to read
  • you are overwhelmed with all the steps to get the book published and to market
  • you don’t know how to make your book successful
You’re not alone! Most beginning writers face the same fears. blocks, and time issues.
But those who have stayed the course have had doors opened for them, launching them as a credible expert with a published book, while changing their readers’ and their own lives forever.
But rarely do they do it on their own… They’ve done it with guidance and support… while enjoying every step of the journey.

Now you can get clarity, receive guidance, and have accountability

as you write, publish, and monetize your non-fiction book.


Hi! MJ Schwader here.

In my new 8-part audio course, Your Book Writing Adventure: How to Navigate the Twists
and Turns of Writing and Monetizing Your Book,
I will guide you through the steps to
getting your book written, published, and monetized
so you can promote your business,
generate income, and open the door to amazing possibilities.

In Your Book Writing Adventure, you will:

Create a clear, compelling vision and strategy with achievable goals to guide you on your path to publishing
Develop your book’s concept, theme, and critical beliefs
Understand your target audience and market so your message matches their interest
Have a first draft of three chapters and a structure to complete your book
Learn time-maximizing strategies so you don’t have to upset your life to write your book
Get guidance to keep you from getting stuck or off-course
Stay inspired to reach the finish line
Gain confidence in your writing style, voice, and message
Become a clear channel for your inspirational and transformational passion to flow through you onto the page
Gain your own healing from writing your book

Are you ready to share your message, write your best stories, and transform yourself and your readers?


Your Book Writing Adventure will not only help you with getting your book written, you will also:

Learn how to publish, position, and promote your book
Learn how to get endorsements from experts, celebrities, and other authors
Learn how to re-purpose and leverage your writing for multiple streams of writing income
Learn how to establish your brand and platform from your book
Learn how to connect with your creativity for inspiration and new concepts
Break through your fears and get into the flow of writing
Develop your skills and your confidence, making writing truly an adventure
Discover your own unique voice and authentic style
Get my feedback on your first three chapters

Writing your own book can be easy and rewarding,
and with guidance you will feel inspired and confident as you embark on your book writing adventure!

“MJ is a remarkable teacher, coach, and writer who uses all of those skills to bring out the best in clients. Working with MJ is like getting a great weekly massage for your creative and inspiration muscles. MJ helped me break through kinks and tight spots so I could put words to what was in my soul.

MJ knows first-hand all the tricks and excuses people hide behind and lovingly but firmly calls you on your stuff. MJ provided the tools and discipline I needed and helped me more in a short time than all the workshops I’ve done and how-to books I’ve read.

If you want to grow both personally and as a writer, MJ is the person you want on your side.”

– Steve Harsh Life Coach, Teacher, Preacher, Actor, Writer, and Motivational Speaker

Who is MJ Schwader? I’ve been a professional writer and editor for 30+ years. I studied at CoachU and have been a Writing and Life Coach for the past 15 years. Working with close to 200 published authors to make their dream of getting published a reality, I’ve been involved in two successful collaborative book series, A Guide to Getting It, a 10-book series written by Life and Business Coaches, and Horse as Teacher, a series by Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching authors. In addition, I’ve helped over 50 authors write and publish their own books.

“Being a published author feels great and I am so thankful for your guidance, both in the writing process and in helping with tips on marketing the book. For years, my vision was to have a book for credibility and back of the room sales, and with your amazing insights and support, I’ve attained that goal.”

~ Linda Snyder, contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: A Clear, Compelling Vision

In this 8-part course, you will have all the advantages of a live workshop without leaving the comfort of your home.

In addition to the 8 sessions (each 45 minutes), you will also receive the following bonuses!

Receive my ebook, Multiple Streams of Writing Income to get started on developing your vision, mission, purpose, and strategy for your book. (Value: $47)
Receive one 1-hour private coaching call with me. I will review your draft, making suggestions for content, messaging, and readability. I’ll answer any questions you have and make sure that your structure is appropriate for your message and your audience. (Value: $250)
Join my weekly Live Q&A Coaching sessions to help you get your questions answered. (Value: Priceless)

“I’ve been an executive of a large hospital system, overseeing a $400 million budget, and I’ve never received the amount of respect as I have since becoming published.”

~ Gary Edwards, Executive Coach, and contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Powerful Leadership Skills

“The process of writing was reflective and cathartic and very surprisingly did not take the effort that I dreaded.”

~ Bernadette Snider, MCC, founder, The Leadership Choice Group, Inc. and contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Powerful Leadership Skills

Imagine Being a Published Author!


Your Book Writing Adventure begins! Here’s what we’ll cover each session:


How to create your vision, mission, and purpose for your book that fits your dreams
Why a plan is critical for time management, motivation, and finishing your book
How to make sure you have a message that will sell
Why storytelling is informational, inspirational, and transformational


How to engage your creative right brain in a left-brain dominant culture
How to develop the essential elements of a successful book
How to establish your voice and style
How to manage your time
How the 6 fears of writing are blocking you in your writing and your life
How to move through your fears and keep writing
How to stay inspired and creative
How to make your writing a ritual
What are the questions your audience wants answered
How to develop the arc of a story… bringing your readers along on your storytelling adventure
How to move the story forward with ease
How to effectively weave information into your stories
How to become good at refining your own work
How to take your writing from good to great
Why it’s critical to find a professional book editor
What tools to use


What are the differences between traditional publishing versus self-publilshing
Why a book proposal is important, whether you are published or self-publish
How to maximize your Amazon experience
Why have a print book AND an ebook


How to create a brand and platform from your book
Getting endorsements from experts, other authors, and celebrities
How to promote your book on a budget
How to position yourself as an expert author


How to use endorsements to inspire readers to buy
How to choose, ask, and help someone write your forward
How to write the ideal title to capture your audience while conveying your message
How to use the back cover and chapter titles to market your book

You’ll Get My Coaching Throughout Your Journey

In addition to the 8-session course that is filled with my experiences and knowledge gained over 15 years as a writing coach, you will receive a 1-hour, one-on-one coaching call with me to address any challenges that come up while you are working on your book.

You will also have an opportunity each week to join me on my Live Weekly Q&A session to ask any questions that might come up in the course.

If you are still not sure Your Book Writing Adventure is the right program for you, I invite you to click here to schedule a complementary Discovery Coaching session with me and we can discuss your questions and concerns.

“As I began writing, the idea of reaching many with my insights and ideas was powerful and exciting. Being published definitely raised my credibility in my mind and others. More people are drawn to me.”

~ Claire Walsh, Personal and Business Coach and contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Achieving Abundance and A Guide to Getting It: Remarkable Management Skills

“The writing process was fascinating in that I was more interested in an angle that served me, and MJ pointed out an angle that would more serve the readers. A perfect, and powerful shift. MJ’s tips on talking points and trying to figure out if I have a unique message was terrific. I learned that discipline and fortitude win out with something of value and something that lasts for readers to refer to for a long time. I achieved my goals.”

~ Katharine White, contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Powerful Leadership Skills

“I enjoyed the process. Of course it was wonderful to have the support and expertise of working with MJ.”

~ Cathy Nealon, contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Achieving Abundance

“It felt soooooooo amazing today to sign and hand one of the books to my business partner and to the coach who kicked me into gear and got me to aspire to things that are really big enough for me.”

~ Nika Quirk, contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Powerful Leadership Skills

What is the Investment for All of This Great Learning?

For the information, coaching, and bonuses you will receive in Your Book Writing Adventure, I normally charge $3997 for a live event. But because I’m now offering it in a format that allows you to study at your leisure, I am significantly reducing the price.

My coach suggested that I offer it for $497, so when I told her what I wanted to charge, she asked what I was smoking! 🙂 And so we compromised… I’ll only be offering it at this low price for a short time before the price will go back up. What’s your investment today? $197!!! And if you need to, you can pay in two monthly installments of $127 each. Click on the link below to get started today!

This is powerful, life-changing information that will help you become a transformational writer and published author. But don’t wait for too long, or you’ll miss out on the savings!

With much gratitude,
Inspired Life Publications

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