Inspired Tuesday Tips


Inspired Tuesday Tips!

We are excited to announce our new weekly Inspired Tuesday Tips! Every week, we’ll spend 30 minutes – live and free – on a topic that will inform, inspire and transform you. We’ll cover topics from writing to mindset to how to build your tribe.

Join Writing Coach MJ Schwader and Mindset Coach Michelle Hutchinson on these weekly informative sessions.  The call is recorded as a podcast and uploaded to our Inspired Mindset Mobile App so you can access when you download our app (and that’s free too!).

Do you have questions about…

… how to make more time to write (or for anything in your life)?

… how to use writing to transform your readers?

… overcoming limiting beliefs and fears?

… your writing mindset?

… publishing, marketing, or promoting your book?

… the tools you can use to spread your message to a wider audience?

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