Become an Author by Collaborating with Like-Minded Authors!

Collaborative books are the hot way to become a published author without going through the pain of writing your own book. If you don’t have the time, money, or energy to publish on your own, the collaborative path is an exciting way to make your dream of becoming a published author reality.

Are You Ready to:


√ learn how to shape the message of your soul into a story for the world?

√ answer that call to become a published author?

√ raise your visibility by joining with your fellow authors in promoting each other?

√ have a coach to help you through the process with all of its ups and downs?

√ And most important, to step into your greater purpose by telling your story?


Let me help you reach your goals!

MJHeadshot-bordershadowHi, I’m MJ Schwader, Transformational Writing Coach, Author, Publisher, and Shamanic Practitioner.

What’s different about working with Inspired Life Publications to bring your story to life in a collaborative book project? Experience and writing coaching!

Fifteen years ago, I saw the need for more people of consciousness to get their messages out to the world. As one of the first writing coaches, I repeatedly heard from potential clients that the time and money it took to write their own book was sometimes too much. Many of those I spoke with dreamed of writing their books, but never actually did. Some didn’t know how to get started, and others didn’t know what it would take to write and publish or to build a business around their book.

As a result, in 2000, I began to create collaborative anthology books for coaches, speakers, and conscious business owners to share their thoughts and stories with the world.

Emerge - Real Stories of Courage and Truth #1 Hot New Release on Amazon.com

Emerge – Real Stories of Courage and Truth #1 Hot New Release on Amazon.com

In the Guide to Getting It series by Business and Life Coaches, and the Horse as Teacher series in the world of coaching with horses and equine-facilitated learning, I helped close to 150 authors become published, and collectively we’ve sold over 50,000 books. More recently I’ve partnered with Cassandra Washington of One Degree Shift to publish two Amazon Best Sellers, Strengthen Your Wings and Emerge, helping 40 women have their voices heard.

With 14 published books – three that were best-sellers – and by coaching over 200 authors to become published, I’ve developed a writing process that magically transforms my clients as they step into their purpose, share their greatness, create their platform, and influence more lives. Unlike other collaborative book projects, I coach you to write your most compelling story. In the process you and your readers will be transformed.

There are two paths to collaborative books. One is to participate in one as an author, the other is to bring a group of your fellow writers together and write a book for your own community, as Cassandra has done with the One-Degree Shift community. Either way, let me help you accomplish your dream of becoming a published author!


The Benefits of Being an Author in a Collaborative Book…

Strengthen Your Wings

A book establishes your credibility as an expert. Potential clients will be more inclined to work with you knowing you are a published author.

√ With your credibility, you will be able to increase your fees.

√ Your book becomes a magnet to attracting clients. A published book raises your influence and prestige like no other marketing tool.

√ Having a book creates new opportunities, including speaking engagements.

√ Your book can be leveraged for launching new products and services.

√ You get your message and story out in the world, touching the lives of more people.

If any of these reasons for having a book appeals to you, but there’s been something stopping you from writing your story or getting published until now, please read on. I have the solution you need to become a published author with support and assistance throughout your writing process. Plus, you’ll be able to side-step the headaches and huge expense of getting a book published and promoted on your own


Unearthing your authentic message while you transform through writing is a powerful journey…

penimageWriting a book is not like any other experience or training. It will change your life like nothing else you will experience. Supporting authors to see their dream become a reality as they emerge into their greatness is truly magical. The changes I’ve seen in my clients still marvels me. And taking the coaching further to help them create a business from a book goes far beyond what most writing coaches provide.


If this is you, here’s where to start…

If you feel you are ready to step onto your writing path, now is the time. To learn more, choose the path you would like to take to participate in a collaborative book…

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