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Would you like to raise your credibility, visibility, and income with books, ebooks, and other info products?

penandpaperWhether you want to use writing to market your product or service, create an information product, or gain credibility as a published author, MJ Schwader can help you get to the next level in your business and life using the power of the written word.

In 18 years as a writing coach, MJ has helped over 200 authors become published. MJ’s simple, yet profound method helps writers authentically create their message, get it out to the world, and establish them as an authority in their field.

MJ can help you…

√ raise your credibility, visibility, and income through books, ebooks, and home-study programs

√ make writing easy, fun, and exciting

√ overcome your fears about writing

√ get into the flow of writing — and the flow of life

√ help create, refine, evaluate, and complete your writing

√ overcome limitations, resistance, and time restraints to produce exceptional results

√ establish yourself as an expert in your field

√ balance your flow of creation with the ability to shape your words into meaningful work that grabs your reader’s attention

√ promote you and your business by developing a marketing strategy, writing a business plan, or creating and marketing an ebook.

penimageWhen you work with MJ, you will have:

√ Step-by-step guidance through the writing, publishing, and marketing process

√ Powerful and healing writing coaching that will transform you and your reader

√ Simple and effective methods to tap into your creativity

√ A message to share with the world

MJ’s experience is unique, combining cutting edge knowledge of technology, online marketing, and writing techniques with human potential consciousness and spirituality.

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