Mobile App Features

Mobile App Features for Coaches, Speakers and Authors

iPhone-PushNotificationsDo you have Announcements to Send to Your Followers?

Want to send a text message of a special announcement to all of your mobile app users at one time? On a mobile app, these are called Push Notifications. You’ve seen the little red number at the corner of an app icon — that’s notifying you that you have a Push Notification message waiting for you.

Push Notifications are a great way to get immediate information out to your clients and customers, and can be sent directly from your own phone, making it easy to stay in contact with your followers.

How are these different than sending emails? The average open rate for emails is 3% and take an average of 90 minutes before a response is made, if at all. The open rate for Push Notifications is 97% and are checked on an average of 90 seconds. What’s more 70% of opened messages are acted on immediately.

Have a teleclass coming up? Have a special on your coaching sessions? Are you the guest speaker at a conference and want your followers to know? Send a Push Notification and they’ll receive it on their phone directly through your mobile app.

iPhone-SWEPodcasts-centeredDo you have Podcasts?

Do you have your own podcast? We can include a tab on your mobile app and have it available to your followers at the touch of a finger. They don’t have to go look for it. You bring it directly to them.

They can listen on the go right from their mobile device, making it easy to listen to the most recent episode, and to scroll through past episodes.

Plus, our great analytic tool will tell you how many people are accessing the podcast from your mobile app, giving you some great data to share with potential sponsors and advertisers.

Don’t have a podcast, but would like to feature someone else’s? We can do that as well. What a great way to share with your followers some great content that is related to your message.


iphone-EventsDo you have a Schedule of Events?

Whether you are a speaker, a podcaster, lead teleseminars, promote other teleseminars, or just want to highlight a specific day, there’s a good chance you have a calendar of events that you want your followers to know about. Bring that information right to their device.

The Events Tab is a great way to give them a visual view of all of your upcoming events, or events you are sponsoring or promoting. They’ll have an option to add the date to their personal calendar right on their phone. And there’s room on each event listing to add information, images, and links to access the event.

The Events Tab can be set up to automatically be removed from this tab after two weeks, or keep an archive of where you’ve been.




Do you have an Appointment Calendar?

How do your clients book appointments and consultations with you? Do you send them to a website? Is there a place on your website that directs them to your available appointments? These are great, but wouldn’t it be even easier for them to schedule that appointment right from their phone? They can add it directly to their calendar, eliminating forgotten apointments.

We can sync with many of the online calendars, so you don’t have to change what you’re currently using.

We can even help you set up a reminder system that sends a text message to them without it coming from your personal phone.




Do you have a Blog?

Whether you have a newsletter that you send out, or a blog that you post to, you likely have information that you would like to get out to your clients and followers.

Having an RSS feed of your blog page inside your app is a surefire way for your readers to always have access to your more recent post and keep them coming back whenever there’s a new entry.

With the flood of emails that are increasingly being ignored or filed away on a separate tab, having your articles available on a device that the user can access at their convenience increases the odds that they will actually read your amazing article. And while they’re here, they can browse through your past articles as well.

Our analytic tool can also show how often people are on this tab. This is great information to share with potential sponsors and advertisers who like to see how many people will potentially see their name.



Do you sell Products?

If you’re like most speakers and coaches, you likely have products for sale. This could be books you’ve written, programs you’ve created, or merchandise — yours and others’ — to sell.

If you have a shopping cart or an online payment program, we can link that with your mobile app store, allowing an easy transaction right from their device.

Now your mobile app is literally making you money.

Did you know that apps with a store mode gather five times more engagement?
(Source: Point Inside, 2013)




Do you have Guest Bloggers or other
Sources of Information on an RSS Feed?

Want to highlight other blogs or sources of information that would benefit your audience? Use our RSS Feed feature to pull that information into your app.

No need to check on updates. When the source blog or RSS Feed is updated, it will automatically update in your app. This is a great way to keep your mobile app interactive, while providing your audience with valuable and timely information.





Are you on Various Social Media Sites?

We can integrate all your social media inside your app so your customers can access all your social media in one place.

Did you know that 44% of Facebook users only access the site via their mobile devices?

Make it easy for your followers to access all of our social media sites from one location — your app! What a great way to keep your mobile app interactive.





Do you have Videos?

Do you have a video you want to promote? We can integrate your YouTube, Vimeo, or other video inside your app so your app users can watch and listen on the go right from their mobile device.

Sending a push notification announcing a new video is available to view is another way to keep your app interactive and engaged with your followers.