Massive Passive Income with eBooks

Turn Your Passion to Profit:

How to Create Massive Passive Income

With ebooks

Have you been looking for a simple and effective way to
make extra income?

Would you like to share your passion and make money at
the same time — 24/7, 365 days a year, automatically?

  • Even if… You think you can’t write

  • Even if… The economy isn’t booming

  • Even if… You are technically challenged and don’t know the difference between a bit and a byte

  • Even if… You don’t have much money to invest

  • Even if… You don’t know what your ebook topic might be

  • Even if… You don’t seem to have enough hours in the day

You don’t need any skills or experience.

You don’t even need an idea right now.

Why are eBooks the best way to create passive income?’s Kindle eBook store outsells their printed books, even though there are 10 times more printed books. With the popularity of eBook readers such as the Kindle, Nook, and iPad, the demand for eBooks will only increase.

In addition to and iBooks, you can also place your eBook on sites around the internet, as well as your own web store. With the low cost of production and using techniques that have the capability of generating thousands of dollars automatically — 24/7 — without the added costs of shipping or handling a physical product, eBooks are an essential information product, whether you are just starting your business or are an experienced marketer.

I’ve been in the publishing industry for 30+ years, and have helped over 200 authors become published. From my
experience, I can assure you, this is a critical time to take advantage of the explosive market for new eBooks. Plus, it’s so much simpler and has more potential for phenomenal income than printed books.

Why eBooks are such a hot idea:

  • eBooks satisfy the customer demands of people who want information NOW (and are willing to pay for it)

  • eBooks have little development costs and ZERO inventory cost (you’ll never be overstocked on an eBook)

  • eBooks create passive and residual income. They can be sold for years virtually unchanged.

  • eBooks have a very low return rate (almost next to nothing if you deliver what you promise). About the only return requests you ever get is from the occasional person who can’t get the download to work or the occasional dishonest person.

  • Industry experts predict more than 15,000,000 new eReaders, like the iPad and Kindle, will be sold this year. There is an incredible opportunity RIGHT NOW to have your eBook formatted for both the Kindle and the iPad. There is less competition (and a hungry market of new users) at this point.

  • Since there are only 1/5 as many eBooks at as there are print books, it’s a HUGE opportunity with a lot
    less competition RIGHT NOW. That’s going to change in the future.

  • Yahoo News reports that eBook sales have QUADRUPLED in the past two years, and frankly, I think that’s a huge understatement.

Who is The Course For?

  • People who are already in a small business or consider themselves entrepreneurs but are struggling right now. This includes people who don’t understand the web or don’t understand information marketing or
    even the basics of advertising in a web world.
  • If you are in a position where you think it’s time – finally – for you to stop working for other people and start working for yourself.
  • If you like (1) going to work in your pajamas (2) reducing your commute from many miles to a few steps (3) working on your schedule instead of someone else’s (4) worrying about where to spend your money instead of worrying about how much you’ve got to spend.

The method I use to create eBooks is simple and low-cost. And it’s so low-tech, it’s amazing more people haven’t figured
out how to do this.

I will lay everything out for you in a straight-forward, easy-to-understand model. The ultimate goal is to fund your dreams of working for yourself and creating a lifestyle rather than making a living.

Will It Work?

There are hundreds of examples of people throughout the world who have used this strategy to make massive passive income.

From a teenage skateboarder who created an eBook on tips for skateboarders and makes $100,000+ a year, to a grandmother with arthritis who found a natural way to eliminate pain and made over $2 million from her eBook, you can find many success stories.

And it’s not just sales of the eBook, but using it to build your email list. eBooks are one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to bring people into your marketing funnel. From there, you can generate tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Can You Do It?

Whenever you are doing something that is new to you, the overriding question is: “Even though someone else is making a
gazillion dollars, can I do it?”

If I gave you a simple recipe to make cookies, do you think you could follow the recipe and make great cookies? The reasons I know you can do this is because I’m going to be taking you step-by-step through the recipe. I’m going to be in the kitchen with you every step of the way.

At the End of This Course, You Will:

  • Have an idea for your first eBook

  • Learn how to test your idea

  • Learn how to market your eBook

  • Learn how to use the technology

  • Learn how to sell truckloads of your eBooks

  • Learn how to build your list of prospects

  • Learn how to create systems that you can use over and over with new digital products

  • Learn how to leverage your writing to create multiple products

  • Have a step-by-step plan for your eBook that is user-friendly and for a non-techy person.

This new training has all the latest cutting-edge secrets to take advantage of the big opportunity that’s been made possible by Amazon, Apple, and others. This course is based on my experience and I spell out how to follow the same steps to start
earning money every week.

What I’ll share is a specific blueprint of “how to” with resources to help you at each stage. My blueprint is
not complicated or original.

I’ll give you the exact details on how to set up a fully automated system that operates around the clock, 24/7.

  • You’ll learn the sources of free, hungry customers

  • You’ll learn a trick that the top eBook sellers use to turn a simple eBook into an automatic five-figure income on the first of every MONTH!

  • You’ll learn the hidden profit potential from something you already love doing. Instead of chasing markets you’re not interested in, you can turn your passion into profitable products.

What you will learn in each session…


  • The 3 fundamental strategies of your internet marketing platform and how your ebook fits into that plan

  • The 2 ingredients everyone needs to be successful marketing your ebook

  • How to leverage your writing to produce 30+ products from the same content

  • 5 places to find an idea for your first ebook.


  • How to test your ebook idea to see if there is an audience willing to pay for your topic

  • 3 ways to create your ebook from other people’s writing

  • 2 simple, easy, and powerful ways to write your content

  • How your ebook can raise your visibility, credibility, and income


  • How to create a powerful title for your ebook

  • How to get your ebook ready for market

  • How to convert your manuscript for iPads, iPods, Pcs, Macs, Nooks, Kindles, Androids, iPhones, and more, using one tool

  • How to make up to 70% royalties on your ebook


  • Marketing tips and tricks to piggyback on Amazon’s strong influence on the search engines

  • How to push up your ranking on Google and get free traffic and advertising for your ebook

  • Learn how to collaborate with Apple and its 300 million consumers

  • Learn Facebook Fan Page tips to help you connect with the largest website in the world


  • Learn free and low-cost ways to get traffic

  • Learn free and low-cost ways to increase Search Engine Optimization

  • The best way to increase visibility and search engine optimization with article submissions

  • A step-by-step blueprint for setting up your marketing systems


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Get Clarity Now! A 5-Step Roadmap to Living Your Purpose and Passion with Prosperity

Presented by Certified Financial Planner
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perfect combination of deep spiritual wisdom and financial expertise
swirled together with the transformational life experiences of one of
the top financial planners in the country, along with the deeply
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If you’re ready to start living your
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This step-by-step program has proven to be
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In this program, you will not only get
clear on WHAT you want (your vision) but you will get a strategic,
practical plan to make that vision a reality.

For instance, in Get Clarity Now! you will:.

• Access your Brilliance — those unique
talents, strengths, insights, blessings and gifts that guarantee your
success, joy and prosperity.

• Clarify your vision so you always know where you are headed and how to get there.

• Dissolve your fears by knowing them for what they are (and what they’re not), so they can’t stop you from moving forward.

• Slay the mental and emotional dragons and demons that threaten to scare you away from what you were meant to be and do.

• Quiet those voices that tell you, “You can’t” “You shouldn’t” “This will never work.”

• Create a clear, step-by-step strategy
for making your vision a reality without losing your way, getting
confused, or stuck in a doubt-filled ditch.

• Get smart about the money you have now and create an action plan that allows for a lot more!

• Learn how to manage your time, money
and resources so you always feel on top of your game, ready for
anything, and able to work with more ease, energy and joy.

• Know how to access your own spiritual
guidance and inner wisdom at any time, so you always know the right
choice to make, the right path to take.

• Establish a new relationship with money, one that allows you to let it flow easily into your life.

The Get Clarity Now! Bonus Program consists of:

• 5 audio sessions

• Full transcripts of each session

• 74-page Workbook filled with all the processes, exercises, explorations and worksheets you need.

• Plus… Several Bonus systems, like financial planners, time management systems and worksheets.


Bonus #2 For Registering Today! A $500 Strategy Session with Travis Greenlee

A complimentary 30 min business
outsourcing and implementation strategy call with Travis Greenlee, CEO
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As one of the nation’s leading Business Design and Development firms,
Travis specializes in teaching success-minded small business owners,
entrepreneurs, and service professionals to leverage the power of
technology to automate, simplify, and rapidly increase their profits.

A $500 value!

Before we get to the bottom line — how
much is the eBook course? — I’ve got to be honest with you. Just
because eBooks have worked for me and others, doesn’t guarantee that it
will work for you. This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. There are specific steps to take and if you do, you will be successful.

What I really want you to think about is
what your life would be like if you made $10,000 a month, or even
$10,000 more a year with this process.

With the amount of potential money you
could make, you are probably thinking that this program must cost a
fortune. When you consider that you can take this information and make
money with it THIS YEAR, even in the next 30 days if you get busy, how
much does that make it worth?

I think it’s easily worth $10,000 and more.
But the truth is, about the only people that could afford that amount
aren’t the ones who need it.

My coaching clients have paid $3600 for the
information I am sharing in this program (many clients have said it
should be more). But because I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs
build their business, I am offering it in this course for less than
one-tenth of its real value so more people can access these secrets and
put them to work.

You can watch the series, and then access
all of the information (recordings, resources, and updates) online for
at least one full year for only $297.

With the economy in the state it’s in,
interest in creating an Internet income is understandably at an all-time
high — so don’t miss this opportunity to get in on the wave!

I hope you’ll join us for this cutting-edge course on how to make passive income using eBooks!

This 5-part series is offered as a
recording of a live webinar. When you register, you will be directed to a
down-load page where you will be able to access all of the videos, as
well as PDFs of Glossary terms, referral links, and a step-by-step

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What people are saying about MJ’s teaching:

Ruth Greenberg, Portland

“MJ’s seminar has been a catalyst for me. It isn’t just a 6-bullet
process. The exercises are very rich and filled with deep questions … it
has given me clarity on several things I have been trying to figure out
in my business and life. I have done a lot of questioning and taken a
lot of courses in my life, but MJ has done a beautiful job presenting
this information, including exercises that were incredibly important for
me in order to move forward in a bigger way.”



Steve Harsh
Life Coach, Teacher, Preacher, Actor, Writer, and Motivational Speaker

“MJ is a remarkable teacher, coach, and writer who uses all of those
skills to bring out the best in clients. Working with MJ is like getting
a great weekly massage for your creative and inspiration muscles. MJ
helped me break through kinks and tight spots so I could put words to
what was in my soul. MJ knows first-hand all the tricks and excuses
people hide behind and lovingly but firmly calls you on your stuff. MJ
provided the tools and discipline I needed and helped me more in a short
time than all the workshops I’ve done and how-to books I’ve read.”



Pearl Pierce, Portland

“MJ has a gift for zeroing in on what is important, and explaining
concepts in a clear and meaningful way. MJ’s teaching helped me focus on
what was blocking me and I have been able to move past these blocks,
opening my eyes to a whole new way of looking at possibilities for my
business that I had not even considered or known about.

A valuable concept was that marketing isn’t something that you “do” and
then you’re “done”, but rather an ongoing and exciting process. I now
prioritize what I want to do myself, and what I want to have others do.

MJ presented an inspirational and effective seminar for practitioners
and entrepreneurs who are ready to organize, launch, or revitalize their
marketing approach. Our whole group was buzzing with excitement as MJ
enlightened us as to how to optimize web presence, earn passive income,
and increase audience base through innovative web opportunities – simple
enough for the non-techies, too!”