Inspired Mindset Collaborative Book & Mobile App

Do you have a dream of becoming a published author
and sharing your insights, ideas, and mindset secrets…
…but don’t have the time, money, or energy to write your own book?

Do you help your clients:

Overcome their Limiting Beliefs?

Identify their False Perceptions?

Gain Clarity in their life?

Recognize what’s blocking them from their brilliance?

Adjust their mindset so they can live the life they were meant to live?

If these messages resonate with you and your purpose, then you’re a perfect fit for our new collaborative book:


Inspired Mindset:
Transform Your Life Through Inspired and Empowered Thinking

The focus of Inspired Mindset is to offer timeless, profound, compelling, and perspective-changing chapters for people who want to break through what’s holding them back from a fulfilling and joyful life.

You’ve had a calling, there are people you know you can help, you have a message to share…

How are you getting that message out to the people who need it the most?

One thing we’ve learned from the top coaches early on was that all of them are published authors, and as a result are able to get their message out to more people.

Hi! MJ Schwader and Michelle Hutchinson here.

Have you wanted to write your own book, but haven’t found the time or resources to make it happen? Or maybe the thought of writing an entire book on your own is a little overwhelming. There are many fears we see that prevent people from getting started on their book.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • you don’t know how to get started
  • you are confused about the structure
  • you aren’t sure what your message really is
  • you’re afraid you’ll spend your time and energy on something no one will want to read
  • you’re overwhelmed with all the steps to get your book published and to market
  • you don’t know how to make your book successful.

That’s the beauty and simplicity of working with us. We not only help you overcome these fears with 30+ years of experience in the writing and publishing industry and 15 years as a writing coach, but we take care of all the details so you can focus on what you do best… helping people get to a positive shift in their mindset and life.

By becoming a published author, your life and business will change in remarkable ways. Being a published author will raise your profile, give you credibility, and lead to more speaking engagements, as well as a bigger tribe… opening doors you never imagined!

Introducing our new collaborative book: Inspired Mindset: Transform Your Life Through Inspired and Empowered Thinking

We’re looking for 15 different mindset coaches and speakers to each contribute a chapter in this book. Each coach will own their niche in the book and provide their strategies for shifting mindset.

We’d like to invite you to join us to make this book a must read for anyone needing to shift their life and in the process fulfill your dream of becoming an author.

Why join the Inspired Mindset collaborative book and mobile app?

check You’ll be able to side-step the headaches and huge expense of getting a book published and promoted on your own.
check You will establish your credibility as an expert. Potential clients will be more inclined to work with you knowing you are a published author.
check Your book becomes a magnet to attracting clients. A published book raises your influence and prestige like no other marketing tool.
check Having a book creates new opportunities, including speaking engagements.
check Your book can be leveraged for launching new products and services.
check You get your message and story out to the world, touching the lives of more people.
check As a bonus, you’ll also be featured in our Inspired Mindset Mobile App! where we will showcase you, your tips, words of wisdom, and give you a place to market your own business. This app is now available in both the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store.

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Since being published we are showing a high rate of return visitors.

Mobile App Analytics

We’ll provide you with two powerful ways to reach more people with your ideas for helping others improve their life.

… and to do it in less time at a lower cost!

… and make 80% of your investment back!


How Does a Collaborative Book Work?

What we’re offering to contributing authors goes beyond simply having copies of the book that are yours to sell, give away, and use to promote your business. Here’s what you’ll get when you join us…

check You will receive writing coaching at no extra charge from writing coach and published author MJ Schwader to assist you in creating a powerful chapter. You’ll have help getting clear about the writing process, what material to present, and how best to convey your message.
check You will own your niche in the book meaning you will be THE expert on your selected topic.
check You will join 14 other contributors who each write a 3000 word chapter on your selected topic.
check You will receive 200 copies of Inspired Mindset to sell or give away. When you sell your own copies of the book, you will keep all of the profit. If sold at the retail price of $19.95, you will make $3990! You can have the books at book signings, use as giveaways, or as very impressive business cards. More can be ordered at an additional cost.
check You will own the copyright to your chapter.
check You will receive your chapter in a downloadable PDF file for your own use.
check You will receive graphics and templates for marketing to promote yourself, the book, and the app.
check Professional editing, formatting, and publishing.
check You will receive a press release and suggestions for your press kit.
check Your name is on the front cover, and a photo of you and your chapter title will appear on the back cover.
Your bio will accompany your chapter and is designed and written to position you as an expert in your field.
You can showcase other products and services you provide.
You will be invited to our Private Facebook Group to keep you on track with your writing, and get assistance and guidance from MJ and other contributors.
Editing, layout of the book, and publishing, both as a printed book and as a Kindle ebook on Amazon. We handle all of that for you.
As a bonus – MJ will guide you to overcome any writing fears you may have, learn to write creatively from your right brain, and how to write a chapter that will truly engage the readers.

Remember there are 14 other authors, and together we increase everyone’s marketing reach. 

We’ll even plan for a special launch date so everyone can promote on the same day, giving the book a boost at Amazon, and moving it to the top of the bestseller list.

As a bonus you’ll also be featured in our
Inspired Mindset mobile app!

That’s right, you will be a published author with a mobile app!

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the anthology. It achieved my immediate goal of becoming a published author. The experience was amazing and gave me a new perspective on my desire and ability to write as a profession.”
~ Gail Ostrishko, faculty member of William Glasser Institute and contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Achieving Abundance

MJ Schwader, has been a professional writer and editor for 30+ years. MJ studied at CoachU and has worked as a Writing and Life Coach for the past 15 years. Working with close to 200 published authors to make their dream of getting published a reality, MJ has been involved in two successful collaborative book series, A Guide to Getting It, a 10-book series written by Life and Business Coaches, and Horse as Teacher, a series by Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching authors.

MJ and Michelle founded Inspired Life Publications to provide tools for coaches, speakers, and authors to  promote their message through books, ebooks, information products, and the most recent new technology for extending your brand reach — mobile apps.

And, bringing a community together to create a book and mobile app collaboratively allows all of the contributors to expand their marketing reach, while gaining credibility and visibility.

“Being a published author feels great and I am so thankful for your guidance, both in the writing
process and in helping with tips on marketing the book. For years, my vision was to have a book for credibility and
back of the room sales, and with your amazing insights and support, I’ve attained that goal.”

~ Linda Snyder, contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: A Clear, Compelling Vision

“Writing a chapter in the Powerful Leadership Skills book was the greatest thing I’ve done. I’ve been an executive of a large hospital system, overseeing a $400 million budget, and I’ve never received the amount of respect as I have since becoming published.”

~ Gary Edwards, Executive Coach, and contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Powerful Leadership Skills

“The process of writing the chapter was reflective and cathartic and very surprisingly did not take the effort that I dreaded.”
~ Bernadette Snider, MCC, founder, The Leadership Choice Group, Inc. and contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Powerful Leadership Skills

Imagine Being a Published Author
with a Book AND a Mobile App!

Our mobile apps are great marketing tools. We like to say “When your app is on their phone, your business is on their mind”. Having an app available for download in the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores puts you ahead of your peers. Research tells us that most of the population has their mobile device within arms reach from them 24/7. Just think about where your mobile phone is right now!

And with the power of collaboration, each contributor benefits from the marketing efforts of the group – meaning you’re going to reach audiences who wouldn’t otherwise know you.

Here’s what you’ll get in the mobile app:

A Bio Page where you will describe what you do and more about your business. This page will include your logo, branding, and colors. We can make this page closely match the theme of your Website to keep that brand consistency.
RSS Feed to your last 5 blog posts. You won’t need to do anything. When you update your blog the RSS feed will automatically update the app.
Opt In Tab that includes a link to your website’s opt in page, allowing app users an easy way to get in touch with you and get more information about you.
Mobile App Specials – Offering a special or coupon that is only available for mobile app users makes the user feel special. They know that this deal isn’t available anywhere else so it was worth it for them to download the app.
Audio Tab – Include or record an audio from one of your programs, or record some words of wisdom for the audience. This allows people to both read and hear what you have to offer.
An Email Contact Form where users can get in touch with you by completing a form that is routed directly to you. You can ask your own questions or survey them for information.
Push Notifications – Every so often we’ll send out push notifications (messages sent through the app) to the mobile app users telling them of something new in the app or reminding them of an event. We will send at least one per month. This keeps the mobile app users engaged in your message.
Monthly Updated Tips – Each month we’ll ask all of the contributors for a quick tip or favorite quote to keep the content fresh and keep the users coming back for more. We’ll send out a push notification to notify the mobile app users that there’s something new to see.
Voice Recordings for Audio Testimonials – We’ll include a voice recorder in the app and ask the mobile app users to record a voice testimonial. We’ll send you the voice testimonial and if you approve it, we’ll include it in the app. You’ll also have a copy to do whatever you want with it.
check Availability in the Apple iTunes and Google Play Store for One Year. The initial investment includes one year of availability in the app stores. This includes publishing, maintenance, and support of the app. Each year you will have the opportunity to renew your involvement in the app.
As a BONUS we’ll also include:
Inspired Tuesday Tips Podcast – Every week we host a 30 minute Inspired Tuesday Tips Podcast that is uploaded to the mobile app.  As a bonus to this package you will be the focus of one of these Tuesday Tips.  We can interview you about your business or you can steal the show and present a topic on your own.  We’ll give you a link to the podcast that you can use in your marketing.
Marketing Tools – We’ll provide you with a marketing calendar, text, links, and special QR Codes to promote the mobile app. Remember there are other coaches all doing the same thing, so together we can cross promote each other, increasing everyone’s marketing reach. 

We’ll even plan for a special launch date so everyone can promote on the same day giving the mobile app a surge in downloads.

What’s your investment?

If you would like to write and publish a book on your own, you can arrange that (with headaches and hassles included) for about $16,000. Add in a mobile app starting at $3500 and you’re on your way to a $20,000 investment.

Or you can skip the headaches and hassles, get all the benefits we’ve just described, and have the writing coaching, the book and the mobile app for an investment of $5000.

If you are ready to get started, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will schedule a call to answer your questions and see if you are a fit for the project!

Once you are a published author, you can leverage your book. You’ll have:

check A platform from which you can create more products – the best way to develop residual income.
check You become a part of a group of authors, providing synergy, additional marketing and promotion effort, and connections. A big benefit of contributing is the networking you’ll do.

We’re only opening this opportunity to 15 people. We feel that is a perfect amount for the book and the app. It allows you to stay unique and own your niche in both the book and the app. Once the 15 spots are filled – this title is closed. The remaining people who wish to participate will go on a waiting list in the unlikely event of a cancellation.

Ask yourself how much more impact you could be making if you combined your message with two truly effective marketing tools. This is an exciting opportunity for all of the contributing coaches to have a product to sell, and to receive powerful extension of your marketing reach through a mobile app. Joining as an author gives you the opportunity to reach audiences you might never reach on your own.

Here’s what some previous book contributors are saying about their experience:

“The project sounded interesting. I know a lot about the topic, and it seemed like an easy way to have back of the room material. I sold all my books fairly quickly so I learned I needed to get my own book published, which I eventually did.”
~ Rachelle Disbenett-Lee, MS, CTC, PCC, Senior Trainer at International Coach Academy and contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Self-Esteem

“Writing the chapter was an excellent opportunity to reference my coaching practice. As I began writing, the idea of reaching many with my insights and ideas was powerful and exciting. Being published definitely raised my credibility in my mind and others. More people are drawn to me.”
~ Claire Walsh, Personal and Business Coach and contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Achieving Abundance and A Guide to Getting It: Remarkable Management Skills

“The writing process was fascinating in that I was more interested in an angle that served me, and MJ pointed out an angle that would more serve the readers. A perfect, and powerful shift. MJ’s tips on talking points and trying to figure out if I have a unique message was terrific. I learned that discipline and fortitude win out with something of value and something that lasts for readers to refer to for a long time. I achieved my goals.”
~ Katharine White, contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Powerful Leadership Skills

“I enjoyed the process. Of course it was wonderful to have the support and expertise of working with MJ.”
~ Cathy Nealon, contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Achieving Abundance

“It felt soooooooo amazing today to sign and hand one of the books to my business partner and to the coach who kicked
me into gear and got me to aspire to things that are really big enough for me, like this chapter.”

—Nika Quirk, contributing author to A Guide to Getting It: Powerful Leadership Skills


Once again, here’s what you’ll receive as a contributing partner:
• 1 Hour Personal Coaching to help write your chapter
• Private Facebook group to mastermind ideas with MJ and the other contributors
• Editing of the book
• Ongoing guidance and support from writing coach MJ to help create an engaging chapter.
• Editing and Layout design of the book
• Publishing of the book as both a print and Kindle version
• 200 copies delivered to you (more can be ordered at an additional cost)
• Mobile App published in the Apple iTunes and Google Play store for one year (renewable each year)

Mobile App includes:
o Bio Page
o Last 5 blog posts
o Audio page for your recordings
o Opt In Page
o Mobile App Coupons or specials
o Email Contact Form
o Push Notifications to promote the app
o Audio Testimonials

And as a bonus:
• Host an Inspired Tuesday Tips Podcast.
• Marketing Tools to help market the book and app.

Plus you’ll benefit from the marketing efforts of Inspired Life Publications, as well as the other 14 contributors, opening your marketing reach exponentially.

All of this for an investment of $5000.

Remember we are only offering this to 15 partners so you’ll want to act soon.

There are only 13 spaces available!

And, if you refer someone and we include them in the book and app, we’ll pay you $500!

We understand that not everyone is able to pay the full amount so if you’re interested and ready to make the commitment to join us we are offering a 4-month payment plan of just $1350 per month.

If you are interested, and want more information, fill out the form below. We will contact you either via email or phone within 24-48 hours. There is no risk and no obligation. Just get your questions answered.

We’re really looking forward to the opportunity to work with you!

With much gratitude,
MJ & Michelle
Inspired Apps, Inc.

P.S. If you want to be part of a quick, proven way to position yourself as the definitive expert in your coaching field – take action now. A marketing tool this effective is not for everyone. But if it is for you, remember that there are only 15 spaces. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.