Collaborative Mobile App

Would you like to expand your marketing reach using mobile technology,
but don’t want the cost of having your own app?

Would you like to work with a community of like-minded people who want to get their coaching or speaking message out to the world?

You’ve likely heard of collaborative books. Those are books where multiple, like-minded professionals come together and provide their opinions and advice on a particular topic. Well, we’ve taken the same concept and applied it to mobile apps. Collaborative apps bring 10 coaches or speakers together in one app to discuss a common topic. Here’s how it works:

We look for 10 like-minded professionals who each compliment the others’ businesses. We provide a place in the app for you to explain what you do. In addition we include how you can help the app user, and how the app user can get in touch with you. You provide informative content and tips that show the user you are an expert in your field. You can include your program information, events, and so much more.

We take all of your information and create tabs with your own branding. And with the power of collaboration, each contributor is benefiting from the marketing efforts of the group. That means you’re going to reach audiences who wouldn’t otherwise know you.

Here’s what you’ll get in our collaborative mobile app:

A Bio Page where you will describe what you do and more about your business. This page will include your logo, branding, and colors. We can make this page closely match the theme of your Website to keep that consistency.
RSS Feed to your last 5 blog posts. You won’t need to do anything. When you update your blog the RSS feed will automatically update the app.
Opt In Page that includes a link to your opt in page. Allowing app users an easy way to get in touch with you and get more information about you.
Mobile App Specials – Offering a special or coupon that is only available for mobile app users makes the user feel special. They know that this deal isn’t available anywhere else so it was worth it for them to download the app.
Email Contact Form where users can get in touch with you by completing a form that is routed directly to you. You can ask your own questions or survey them for information.
Push Notifications Every so often we’ll send out push notifications to the mobile app users telling them of something new in the app or reminding them of an event. We will send at least one per month. This keeps the mobile app users engaged in your message.
Monthly Updated Tips – Each month we’ll ask for a quick tip or your favorite quote to keep the content fresh and keep the users coming back every month. We’ll send out a push notification to notify the mobile app users that there’s something new to see.
Voice Recordings for Audio Testimonials – We’ll include a voice recorder in the app and ask the mobile app users to record a voice testimonial. We’ll send you the voice testimonial and if you approve it, we’ll include it in the app. You’ll also have a copy to do whatever you want with it.
Availability in the Apple iTunes and Google Play store for One Year. The initial investment includes one year of availability in the app stores. This includes publishing, maintenance, and support of the app. Each year you will have the opportunity to renew your involvement in the app. Annual renewal rate is $450.

As a BONUS we’ll also include:

Google Hangouts Interview – Inspired Apps, Inc. will interview you on our Google Hangouts. We’ll talk about your business and your collaboration in the mobile app. Then we’ll include that Google Hangout on our Website as well as in the mobile app. We’ll also send you a link to include on your Website and social media to promote yourself, the book, and the mobile app.
Marketing Tools – We’ll provide you with a marketing calendar, text, links, special QR Codes, and anything you need to promote the mobile app. Remember there are other coaches all doing the same thing so together we can cross promote each other increasing everyone’s marketing reach.
We’ll even plan for a special launch date so everyone can promote on the same day giving the mobile app a surge in downloads.
Take a look below at an example of what our collaborative app will look like. To view, after clicking on the screen, click through the location and caching questions, then type InspiredHealth in the email field, then press on Enter twice (no password necessary). Then play with the tabs to see the different features available…


Developing a customized mobile app can start at $20,000 and just climb from there. But with our collaborative app, you will get everything described above including the first year of hosting for just $1,200. After that the annual renewal to stay in the app is just $450.

This is an exciting opportunity for all of the contributing coaches to have a product to sell, and to receive powerful cross-promotion of their coaching services. Joining us as a contributor to a powerful mobile app gives you the opportunity to reach audiences you might never reach on your own.

Once again, here’s what you’ll receive as a contributing partner:

Bio Page
Last 5 Blog Posts
Opt-In Page
Mobile App Coupons or Specials
Email Contact Form
Push Notifications to Promote the Mobile App
Audio Testimonials
Mobile App published in the Apple iTunes and Google Play store for one year (renewable each year).
And as a bonus:
Google Hangout Interview with Inspired Life Publications
Marketing Tools to help market the book and app

Plus you’ll benefit from the marketing efforts of Inspired Apps, Inc. as well as the other 9 other contributors, opening your marketing reach exponentially.

All for a minimum investment of $1,200!

Here are some of the collaborative apps we’re working on now. If you see a title that fits your business and would like more information please fill out the contact form below. Or maybe you have an idea for a collaborative app – let us know that as well. We will even offer a package discount if you’re able to bring in enough coaches to fill the app. We are currently working with coaches and speakers with mastermind groups who want to provide the benefit of being part of a collaborative app to their community (click here for more information about a collaborative app and collaborative book bundle).

Inspired Health
A collection of different health coaches all focusing on a different niche. We are looking for coaches who help people through their health issues, before during and after treatment.

Inspired Mindset
This is a collection of coaches whose focus is on helping people with their mindset. This could be self confidence, clarity, business focus, law of attraction, etc.

Inspired Business
A collaboration of everything business. We’re looking for coaches that help people work on their business from concept to startup to expanding. Everything from business plans to contracts to credit card processing. If you help businesses grow we want you in this app.

Inspired Holistic
Are you a holistic coach? We’re looking for you to share your knowledge in this collaborative app. Many people are trying to go all natural but are having a difficult time finding the right holistic coach. Let’s help them find you.

Keep in mind that once an app fills with 10 coaches that title will be unavailable. So don’t miss out on your chance! Fill out the form below to let us know your interest. We look forward to talking with you soon!