Business Mobile App Features

Loyalty Programs

Familiar with loyalty punch cards? We take the concept and mobilize it.
Your great food and service is what keeps your customers coming back and developing that customer loyalty is important. Why not reward them for being repeat customers? Our loyalty programs can be used in any number of ways.
When your customers have a set number of stamps, they are rewarded. You have a special 4-digit code (that you set and can change at any time) to stamp the card. When the last stamp is marked, it opens their reward.
Tips for Restaurants:
Come in 7 times and get a free dessert
Buy 10 bottles of wine and get the next one 50% off
Place 6 carry-out orders and get a free order of breadsticks
Tips for Hair Salons:
Buy 10 hair products, get a free bottle of shampoo
7 eyebrow waxings and get the next one free
8 mani/pedis and get a free bottle of nail polish

Push Notifications

Is your business a little slow Tuesday afternoons? Send out a push notification and offer an on-the-spot special or coupon.
Have an opening in your appointment schedule? Send out a push notification that you have an opening and watch how fast it will fill.
Push notifications are great to get immediate information out to your customers, and you can send these out right from your phone, making it even easier. These notices can go to everyone, or just those in a specific radius. And because we give you unlimited push notifications, they are free to send.
Tips for Restaurants:
Expecting rain tonight? Send out a quick rainy day carry-out coupon.
Business slow? Send out a motivation coupon to get them in the door.
Tips for Hair Salons:
Did you just get a cancellation? Send out a push notification to your customers in the area, letting them know. Watch how fast that opening fills up!
Just get a new batch of products in? Send out a message letting everyone know, offering a discount to the first 10 who come in and check it out.
Fact: Did you know that 97% of push notifications are read, compared to 4% of emails? With the amount of emails people get every day, most are trashed without being read. Push notifications get noticed!


Do you have weekly specials that you want to promote? Your app is a perfect place to display them. You can have ongoing specials or add them any time you want.
Customers can see what specials are going on any day of the week.
Tips for Restaurants:
Mobile App Monday – everyone who comes in with your mobile app gets a reward on Mondays.
Post daily drink specials.
Sell gift cards.
Tips for Hair Salons:
Men’s haircut Tuesday.
Children’s haircut Wednesday.

Shopping Cart

Whether you are a store or just have items for sale, we can integrate your mobile app with many of the popular ecommerce stores, such as Shopify®, Magento®, or Volusion®.
We can also create a shopping cart to sell items via PayPal® or Google Checkout®.
Tips for Restaurants:
Sell your specialty wines.
Offer your branded merchandise.
Tips for Hair Salons:
Include your products that can be purchased right from the app.

Submit Photos

What a great way to interact with your customers – have them submit photos of their experience at your place of business.
All photos are sent to you and you decide if they make it to your photo gallery.
Tips for Restaurants:
Encourage customers to send in pictures of a recent event you hosted or pictures of the band.
Tips for Hair Salons:
Ask your customers to send in pictures of the hair style they want.
Tips for Realtors:
Have your customers send in photos of the houses they like.


Ahhhh… coupons. Customers love their coupons! They are a great way to get customers in the door. You can create ongoing coupons, expiration date coupons, coupons good on certain days, the possibilities go on and on.
You can send out the occasional loyalty coupon to those who have your app. Now they feel special and they’re saving money – Win-win!
The best part is you have the ability to add them whenever you want! No need to have them printed or wait for the advertisement to come out. They are always available on the app, so the customer has them handy at all times.

Fact: Mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons (Mobile Marketer, 2012)

GPS Coupons

GPS coupons are a little different from loyalty and regular coupons. This coupon is based on the number of times a customer check-ins to your business. Check-ins are great because it not only advertises your business, but it shows how many people are there or have been there. People love to check in to places to let their friends know what they’re doing.
One great use for a GPS coupon could be for new customers. They check in once and get a special new customer reward. It’s a one-time reward and once it’s been redeemed, it is locked.
What a great way to show appreciation for those who download your app!


Provide your customers with turn-by-turn directions to your location from where they are right now.
If your customers are on the go and looking for you, they’re going to also need directions. We can add an easy-to-click directions button right on your home page so people can find you easily.
Have multiple locations? No problem… we can ask which location they want to visit and it will modify the directions to that location.

Facts: 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action, and over half lead to purchases! (Search engine land, 2012) 61% of local searches on a mobile phone resulted in a phone call. (Google, 2012)

Food Ordering

If your restaurant offers a carry out option, then you know they are a valuable addition to your business. The convenience to the customer to place their order and then pick it up is great for them and you. Now add the convenience of having them place their order on your mobile app.
Your customer can browse the whole menu instead of just ordering what they always order. Studies show when customers have the whole menu to choose from, they do order more.


Do you use OpenTable? If you do, then you’re already aware of the benefits of customers making their own reservations. Having this availability on your mobile app means your customers never have to look for that link… it’s always with them on their phone.

Tip Calculator and Bill Splitter

Help your wait staff out by offering a handy tip calculator that lets your customer enter their bill information and what an appropriate tip would be.
This feature also helps with those tables who want to split the bill. Just identify how many in your party and let the app do the rest. Split up the tip as well as the total bill amount.

Mailing List

Building an email list?
Your app users can sign up for your mailing list right from your app. We can integrate with many of the top email campaign services: Mail Chimp, Emma, iContact, Constant Contact, GetResponse; or you can export your list to a spreadsheet.

Blog/RSS Feed

Do you run a blog or have a favorite blog to share? We can integrate any RSS feed right into your app. Another reason for your users to visit and stay engaged with your app.
Tip: When a new blog post comes out, send out a notice to your users.


Our apps offer your customers an easy way to share their app experience. They can send a link via email, Facebook, Twitter, or send a text message. The link takes them directly to the store so they can download the app.
Tip: Offer your users a reward for sharing the app or posting it on their social media.

Social Media

We can integrate all your social media inside your app so your customers can access all your social media in one place.
Fact: 44% of Facebook’s 900 million monthly users access Facebook on their mobile device. They are twice as active on Facebook as non-mobile users. (Facebook, 2012)


Do you have a podcast or a video you want to promote? We can integrate your podcast inside your app so your app users can listen on the go right from their mobile device.
Tip: When a new blog post comes out, send out a notice to your users.