DIY Mobile Apps

Recently a friend sent me a link to a Website for one of those Do It Yourself Mobile App sites.  She asked if I was worried about these taking over my business.   I told her that I wasn’t worried, because just like the plumber you have to call because you tried to “fix it yourself”, businesses will soon realize that it’s not worth their time to build their own mobile app.   So if you’re thinking about an app and want to cut some corners and do it yourself, here’s some  things to think about.

Time vs Money


Building a decent app takes time.  Building a beautiful one takes more.   There are things that you will need to create such as:

  • Background images in specific sizes to fit the various devices.
  • Additional images in specific sizes so your mobile app isn’t all text.
  • If your business plans to do coupons – well, you’ll need to create those graphic images as well.
  • And you’ll need to create the icon that is displayed in the app stores. There is a specific  requirement for this icon (it’s not just a small picture) and it’s the most important image for your app because it is what the potential user sees first.

These are just a few of the tasks that are involved and they take us several hours to get right – and we know what we’re doing.  For someone who doesn’t do this for a living it may take longer.

Then there is:blueprint

  • Building the app
  • Creating the individual tabs
  • Putting the content on the tabs
  • Adding the images
  • Adding the icon buttons
  • Putting them in a specific order
  • Testing
  • Fixing
  • Testing again
  • Publishing to the stores
  • Maintenance after it’s in the store

To name a just a few. This all equates to hours that you are not spending on your business.   We’ve done our research.  We know which tabs should go where.  We ensure that the most important tabs are in the front and even know to combine tabs so your app doesn’t look to busy.


GooglePlay Icon AppleStore Icon



Apple is very particular about what apps they allow in their store.  You can’t just throw together an app and expect it to be approved in the iTunes store.  The App Store Guidelines has over 100 guidelines that must be followed to get an app approved.  We’ve read them all.  And it’s a living document, so it can change.

Taken from the Apple Store Review Guidelines:

If your App looks like it was cobbled together in a few days, or you’re trying to get your first practice App into the store to impress your friends, please brace yourself for rejection. We have lots of serious developers who don’t want their quality Apps to be surrounded by amateur hour.”

We have other apps in the app store so when we publish yours it is added to our collection.  We are considered “serious developers”.  We can guarantee it will get published or we’ll give you your money back.

Developer License

Did you know that you can’t publish an app to either the iTunes or Google Play stores without a developer license?  Did you know there is an annual fee to renew this license?

Recently I was talking to someone who told me they had an app.  So we went to the app store to look for it and couldn’t find it anywhere.  After doing some research we found that his app had been pulled from the app store because his developer license hadn’t been renewed.  He didn’t know about the renewal and didn’t know that his app had been pulled.  (Tip: If you have an app in the store you may want to periodically check the stores to make sure it’s still there)

We have a developer license for boths stores and because there are many people relying on us, we ensure that our license is renewed each year.  You’ll never have to worry about your app not available in the store.

If you have run into this problem, there is a way to transfer your app to our developer license.  Contact us and we’ll work with you.


Are you ready to handle support calls when a user has trouble with your app?  Will you know how to fix a problem if it comes up?  Are you ready to incoporate updates to your app?

We handle these issues for you.  It’s included in our maintenance.

DIY or bust

So if you’re still set on doing it yourself I really do wish you luck.  I enjoy the process of creating a beautiful app that really represents what your brand and business is all about and I hope you will enjoy the process too.  But if it turns out that you find you have gotten in over your head, please feel free to contact us for help.

Just like the plumber, I’ll be waiting with my toolbox.