Understanding the 7 Chakras of Business

Understanding the 7 Chakras of Business

How to Energetically Grow Your Healing or Coaching Practice

Is a chakra energy leak sabotaging your business?

sevenchakrasSmall things can be really big things
in your business.

Unfortunately, most of the time, the focus is
on the big things.

Seeing the subtle energy that is blocking the success of your business requires a deeper look at your business’s own energy centers – the chakras. Because making those small changes can dramatically alter your success.

How Vital is Your Business?

In Understanding the 7 Chakras of Business webinar, we assess the vitality of your business, both as a measure and as a tool.

In this webinar series, we’ll take a deeper look at your business energy. What is working and what is not? What supports you and what does not? When you look at your business energy centers, where do you need to come into balance?

Think of your business as though it were a physical body…

• The root is your structure and systems
• The sacral area is your creativity
• The solar plexus is your brand or how you show up in the world
• The heart is the quality of your relationships
• The throat is the communication center
• The eyes are business vision
• The mind is strategic planning

In my new program, Understanding the 7 Chakras of Business: How to Energetically Grow Your Healing or Coaching Practice, we will explore how each chakra impacts different aspects of your business. When you understand and clear any blockages, you will magically see your business start to thrive.

In this webinar, you will learn:
• how to find the energy leaks in your business
• how to remove stagnation and restore the subtle-energy flow through the chakras
• how to notice “negative” symptoms
• how to build lasting strategies to keep time, money, and relationships flowing

Understanding the 7 Chakras of Business webinar will cover the 7 Chakras of your business in three 1-hour webinars.

Each of the three weeks we’ll assess:

• where you sense there are energy leaks
• how to recognize imbalance
• how to restore that balance in each of the chakras

The changes you will see in your business – and in yourself – will seem miraculous.

This live webinar series starts Wednesday, March 15th at 6 pm Eastern, 3 Pacific and continues the following two Wednesdays. [Note: Each session will be recorded, in case you can’t join us at the live times.]

Register for the webinar before March 6th at midnight and the prices will be discounted from the regular price of $147 to $67. After that, the price will go back up!

Click on the link below to register for the full webinar…

Register before Monday, March 6th at midnight for your discounted price of $67!


What Others are Saying…

“MJ brings thought-
provoking ideas to engage
the hearts and souls of many.
Thank you for sharing
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~ Darcie Beyer



“MJ is a remarkable teacher,
coach, and writer, who uses
all of those skills to bring out
the best in clients.”
~ Steve Harsh



“MJ combines a strong
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I have accomplished so much
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clarity I have gained has
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~ Dr. Kathleen Gross



“You have been blessed with
an awesome gift that allows
people a safe place to grow
and transform. Your sense of
discernment ‘draws’ out of a
person more than they
thought they could be.”
~ Suzanne R. Duque



“I have done a lot of
questioning and taken a lot
of courses in my life, but MJ
has done a beautiful job
presenting information,
including exercises that were
incredibly important for me
in order to move forward in
a bigger way.”

~ Ruth Greenberg

Your Presenter…

MJHeadshot-bordershadowMJ Schwader is devoted to helping coaches, speakers, enlightened entrepreneurs, change agents, and healers create and market products, services, and businesses using the power of writing.

Weaving ancient principles of energy consciousness learned in 15 years of shamanic training with more than 18 years of experience as a writing coach and internet marketer, MJ helps clients shift their awareness, ignite their inspiration, and clear beliefs that are holding them back from achieving success. Having worked with over 200 published authors, MJ has developed a profound and successful process for breaking through limited thinking and fears to help clients remove blocks and create transformational writing, as well as the skills to build their businesses around their message.

MJ learned writing coaching techniques from 30 years of experience in the publishing industry, as well as training at Coach University. One of the first 5000 coaches in the world, MJ has been a pioneer in coaching writers to hone their message and increase their marketing presence.